Niña Martinez Small

Niña Martinez Small

USD 250


Leather bag without chrome, with natural fiber. With luxury ironwork touches and a Precolombian piece made by Colombian jewelers, which symbolizes the beauty of women and the magic that it has within.  This piece is made by indigenous and Zenú artisans in Colombia, who have been trained to take their art to another level so you can be an ambassador of the best of Colombian culture and sustainable fashion. Use as a clutch or Shoulder Bag.

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Niña Martinez comes from the women of our land collection, the type of music that represents the joy, love, and innate light of women. Inspired by the singer-songwriters of Bullerengue, a typical dance from the north coast of Colombia, originated and promoted in San Basilio de Palenque, known as the “first free town in Latin America”. And this is what this bag represents, the joy of freedom.

Measurements 25*17*1cm
Width 25 cm
Heidth 17 cm


Black, Black-White, Red, Yellow-Black, Beige


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