About us

Decent livelihood, sustainability and prosperity

Bareke is a Colombian company, born from the passion for the Zenú culture and the desire to rescue the best of our ancestors; generating decent sources of work for indigenous people, artisans and braiders of Sampués Sucre; birthplace of the parents of the founding entrepreneurs; who have expanded their philosophy to other municipalities and areas of the north coast of Colombia, such as Tuchin, Morroa, San José de Doña Ana, Guajira, Cesar, and Magdalena.

Leave a mark of our Colombian culture and sustainable fashion, with design, art, quality and creativity, useful in your lifestyle.

Our mission

Put within the reach of the people of today, the history and tradition of our indigenous people, artisans and braiders; consolidating ourselves as a sustainable social innovation company that as it fills the lives of our customers with art, contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of the hands that weave culture with us.

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